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Ducati & Cagiva


All these kits can be supplied to fit Ducati  , Cagiva Mito or just about any other bike and to suit either red or yellow paintwork

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2011 Valentino Rossi Moto GP


2008 World Superbike


2008 Moto GP

2008 Sterilgarda

2007 Moto GP

2006 Moto GP



2005 Lavilla / Haslam




2005 Xerox Toseland / Laconi


The Xerox kit and the Airwaves kits are quite difficult to fit and we recommend you bring the bike or panels to us for fitting, however, if you are experienced at fitting large vinyl decals to curved surfaces, or if you just want to see what's involved, we have taken a few photo's of a kit being fitted to help. Click here to see the Xerox fitting guide.

2005 Ducati Austin AMA Hodgson



2003/2004 Fila Hodgson / Xaus

The 2003 Fila kit shown below is all vinyl, including the blue belly pan. The normal kit contains all the decals shown below including the white number boards, but does not come with the blue belly pan. The blue section is extremely difficult to fit and is only offered at our Ilkeston premises.  The kit is also available to fit 916 / 996 / 748 and Cagiva Mito


2002 Infostrada Bayliss

The white number panels for the front can be fitted at our Ilkeston premises, but due to the difficulty of fitting them, we do not supply them in our normal decal kits



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2001 Infostrada Bayliss Replica

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2000 Foggy Replica

DUCATI 996/748

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